CABI AIRLINES is a worldwide corporative and charter air company well-known and respected for many years of its safe, reliable and impeccable operation. The company’s fleet comprises:

Falcon 50, CABI

 1 Falcon 50, Registered UR-CCC, Serial 235
 1 Falcon 50, Registered UR-CCF, Serial 212

Both 3 engine business jets are equipped with a high-quality audio and video system and satellite communication. Other features include a low level of noise, natural lighting and a modern interior. All these features create an atmosphere of luxury and real comfort.

Both Falcon 50 aircraft are under MC ( Maintenance Contract ) at DFS ( Dassault Falcon Service, Le Bourget, France ) as well as their engines are under MSP ( Maintenance Service Plan ) Contract at Honeywell Aerospace, USA to provide reliability and safety of operation.

CABI passengers enjoy a high level of service both in the air and on the ground in the company’s new VIP terminal at Donetsk Intl. Airport. The aviation infrastructure also include a modern perfectly and up-to-date equipped hangar of 4 business aircraft capacity to keep them safe, supervised and ready for a flight at any time.


Characteristics and performance: Falcon 50
Span, m 18.86 Type engine 3 ТРДД Garrett TFE371-3-1C
Lenght, m 18.50 Cruising speed 850 km/hr или 0.82 M
Height, m 6.97 Range 5 000 km or 6 hrs
Weights, kg   Service ceiling, m 13 800
 - unladen 9 150 Certified passenger capacity:  9 seats
 - max. takeoff 18 500 Landing distance: 1 120 m


CABI has a well qualified flight, cabin, flight operations and ground staff with many years of experience. Pilots are annually regularly trained and tested at FlightSafety International Training Center, Le Bourget, Paris, France. Captains’ flight experience exceeds 10 000 flying hours and co-pilots experience reaches 5 000 flying hours.

CABI is not only involved with aviation. They work with steel and information technology. That’s why the company’s name is «Connection, Aviation, Business, Information», i. e. «CABI».

To feel an unforgettable atmosphere of luxury and real comfort, jet speed in business and perfect safety Fly with CABI !!! Anywhere and anytime !!!

For more information and ordering do not hesitate to contact us at :

Donetsk Intl Airport
Donetsk, 83021 Ukraine
Tel. / Fax : + 380 62 210 09 86
e-mail : guliaev.vm@cabi.com.ua